Bespoke: Mad Et Len

Mad et Len is an artisanal perfumer based in the southern French Alps, producing hand-made scented candles, pot pourris and perfumes. Its rich universe transported us: the complex scents evoke nature, raw materials and a Proustian sense of longing. Presented in striking, handmade metal pieces, the candles and pot pourris resemble dark, enigmatic sculptures.

The identity we designed aims to evoke the same tactile mood as the products, each detail beautifully crafted to immerse the viewer in the surreal world of Mad et Len. The custom typeface shows sharp and sculptural letterforms which take inspiration in equal parts from local hand-painted signage and the black iron vessels that house Mad et Len’s products. The identity thus evokes the enigmatic atmosphere of the traditional apothecary and an alchemist’s lab. On the digital side, the website offers an immersive and sensitive shopping experience in which beautifully art-directed images take centre stage.