Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns the font licensing?
    The individual or company purchasing the font license is the owner and licensee. The license grants certain usage rights to the licensee.

  • Can I use your fonts on behalf of clients / employers?
    Yes although the organisation or individual commissioning and owning the final work(s) needs to purchase the appropriate font license(s). As a designer or agency creating work for clients, you do not need to purchase font licenses yourself. You only need to own a license if you're creating work for you or your organisation (*Please note, our general font licenses are not transferable).

  • Do you offer library alterations?
    Yes! We do offer bespoke creations, alterations and custom naming within our library. Please get in touch via email.

  • Can I use your fonts in logos?
    Yes you may use our fonts in logos.

  • Can we modify the font?
    No. You may not modify / reverse engineer the font files. However, you may outline and modify the paths within a respective design software(s) (Such as Illustrator / InDesign / Figma etc).

  • Does my license renew?
    Our licenses are perpetual which means you only pay once.

  • What file formats shall we receive?
    We supply .otf / .woff and .woff2 files

  • Can we store the font files on our server?
    Yes you may, although it must be private facing. You may not host the font files on any open, public facing server / cloud service (Such as Dropbox / Github).

  • Do you offer student discount?
    Yes! All current enrolled students receive a 50% discount on our entire font library. Please supply proof of your current enrolment, such as a student ID or confirmation of study via email, and you’ll receive a unique discount code to apply at checkout.